Generosity is a Form of Worship

When we give through tithes and offerings from the blessings God gives us, it displays our gratitude and devotion to Him. Sowing into the Kingdom transforms our hearts to trust Him more. He loves a cheerful giver!

Ways to Give



If you want to give by text, please text “Give” to 855-607-0298.


If you would like to give by mail, please make checks payable to "Encounter Jesus"

Mailing Address:
Encounter Jesus
191 Sharon Ave.
Ashland, Ohio 44805

Offering Reading

Read the promises and truth we declare as we give our tithes and offerings.

Have a question?

We would love to help you with any questions about giving.

Please email us at [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

All donations and gifts given to Encounter Jesus are tax-deductible.

Offering Reading

As we humbly come before you today Oh Lord, we present our tithes and offerings to you with a joyful heart.

We pray that these first fruits will be a blessing to your Kingdom on Earth, as well as in Heaven.

We are grateful that we are able to partner with you to be stewards of all that you have given us.

Thank you for taking these gifts and multiplying them as only you can.

We pray that you open the windows of heaven for an increase across this nation; spiritually, relationally, and financially.

We thank you that lives will be enriched and transformed for your Kingdom’s purposes.

Since we are so blessed, let us choose to be a blessing to others.

We pray all of this in the powerful name of Jesus. Amen!